Poetry: Someone is Praying

Do you feel like you’re down lately? No one’s been encouraging you and you feel ever so depressed.?

Well, I guess we’ve all been through that. Whatever our own reasons may be.

This next piece that I found was also undated. But I think I remember writing it because I was blessed someone else was praying for me. I never expected it since that time I felt like no one has really bothered to notice me. I felt so invisible, so unnoticeable.

Yet here was someone who was voluntarily, willingly praying for me. It was truly uplifting and somehow my burden started to lighten.

Someone is Praying
This life is full of struggles, indeed.
You have to fight for what you need
You have to obey and to take heed
Unto all that is good for your deed.

There are too many battles to win
Others even tend to sin
Just to get what they have seen
We really need Someone upon whom to lean

What we see physically
Is different from what we feel emotionally
We have battle spiritually
Which we could not compare intellectually

It is really good to hear though
That in the midst of this someone is praying for you
Even if its beyond what we know
God can help us when we are blue.

If you have problems right now, please do let me know so I could pray for you as well.
Like that someone who whole-heartedly prayed for me when I was down.

I am Jena, an experienced content creator, who is passionate about travel, health and wellness, and fashion. I'm an avid traveler and digital nomad, who loves to craft and sew and who has some IT background. I aspire to help others with 'no niche' online find their voice and just express themselves. 

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