Poetry: A Place of Silence

I haven’t been writing nicely lately. Words were in my head but I somehow couldn’t get them out. It might be writer’s block although I’m definitely not being a good writer lately.

So instead of describing what’s going on in my life this past few days, I decided to post some of my old works – poems, unsent letters, etc – to liven up my dying blog.

In this case, I would have something to talk about and something that old friends could relate to.

I’ve been thinking about doing this awhile back and it really coincide with the fact that I practically started cleaning and decorating my room.

Yeah, I’m trying to be industrious these days…:)

Besides, I’m the one suffering from my untidiness, what with all the sneezing and coughing that I have had to go through because of the dust – those tiny meticulously destructive objects . They are totally a-pain-in-my-head!!!

Oh, I just remembered the reason why I didn’t post my old poems here or in my old website. T’was because I don’t like plagiarism. And I definitely look down to people who does that.

But right now, I don’t care anymore. I don’t think people read this anyway.

So, hear comes my first find from my first dig through Mr. Dust.

A Place of Silence
This is a place of full of noise
And as if I don’t have anymore choice
I listened to their chatters
Noisy clatters and boisterous laughters

I’ve been used to a place of silence
Peace and Quietness both in a sequence
A place neat and orderly
Oh, I love it so dearly

How can I transform this place
Into the quietness it ought to face
When can they understand the essence
of the silence that rules the space

Send me some space, send me some time
Send me in a place where silence rules sublime
But give me contentment
So here I’ll find no resentment

Oh those goodly days!! This was written in the fourth floor of my Alma Mater. Unfortunately though, it wasn’t dated. I remember waiting for my next class and I was already at that point of depression from the chaotic schemes of college life. I mean, with all the assignments, projects and stuff – my mind was already in a blur. And I wanted silence. Since that was the only thing I know to relax back then. And take note, it was still in my freshmen year.  LOL! Good ol’ moments..:)

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