Serene Escape Featuring Villa Escudero

The other day, we were invited by a family friend to join them on their wedding anniversary celebration at Villa Escudero.

For a first timer in this place, it’s a breath of fresh air indeed.

You know, I’ve been to different countries and places – but looking at these kinds of serene places here in our country is just breath-taking. One just has to look deeper and have a different perspective to truly appreciate a God-given destination like this. Truly, we don’t have to say, “Parang nasa ibang bansa”  because we are also a country with beautiful and spectacular scenery like this.

We just have to look and not compare.

We were driven around by this fabulous carabao named “Maganda” – meaning, beautiful in English.

Serene Escape Featuring Villa Escudero

Popular for its al fresco dining experience where you can eat incomplete view of “Labasin Falls” or the spillway of hydroelectric dam amidst the calf-deep water, Villa Escudero holds this picturesque restaurant that is a favorite destination of locals and foreigners alike.

The ‘falls’ were brought about by this pretty, serene-looking lake called “Labasin Lake” where they allow visitors to do bamboo rafting and fishing for free (except you have to pay 100 pesos for the fishing rod.)

And overlooking that, they have this tiny cafe called “Cafe Indigo“. A perfect hide-out if you want to get away from the busy-ness of everyday life. In fact, I actually fell asleep here, on that bench on the right. It was a peaceful nap indeed.

And who wouldn’t want to live in a pink house? I Do!!! Even though its pink, you can truly see the Spanish heritage by its structure. This ancestral house is a beautiful contrast against the green landscape. And they say its the lucky charm color of the place? I’m not so sure about that. But hey, they lasted this long so it must be true. (from the 1880’s until today)

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