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My First New York Fashion Week '19 Experience - Spring/Summer 2020
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My First New York Fashion Week ’19 Experience – Spring/Summer 2020

Obviously, I have to write this down while I’m still in the New York Fashion Week high. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been sharing some behind-the-scenes of the fashion shows I have had the privilege to see on my Instagram page. For those who are not familiar with New York Fashion Week, Wikipedia couldn’t …


5 Great Inspirational Resources for Bullet Journaling

In my previous post about creative planners, I mentioned about the Bullet Journal and how possible it is for use in creative planning. But outside of the planner community, very few people know and understand how Bullet Journaling actually works and how it could transform someone’s planning or organizing life.   Now, I’m not saying …

Top 3 Essential oil for Allergy
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My Top 3 Favorite Essential Oils For Allergy + Allergy Trio Blend

I’ve been hesitant on posting this, conscious of the fact that I am not a health expert or a medical practitioner. But when someone dubbed this trio as the “Allergy Blend”, I just have to try it. What I am, though, is a person who likes trying new stuff. So when I heard that essential …