Tony Moly–Prestige Moisture Soft Pact

Originally written for a review site I used to work with, but since they changed the management I think it’s better to be posted here than be drowned in all of my files/documents.
Being on the rush all the time has a lot of cons in it. For one thing, you cannot spend a whole hour just for your makeup routine since you still need to get a dress, have your breakfast and commute your way over to work. So when the make-up time comes, it is so convenient that I have full coverage yet light compact powder in hand so that in one sweep I will be good to go.
And that is what this Prestige Moisture Soft Pact powder by Tony Moly is all about. When I first tried this product, I was simply impressed by the coverage and by how light it is in the face even after a whole day of work. I have been using it for a couple of months now and I still could really feel the difference it makes on the skin, whether on cold environments or humid ones.
Speaking of hot and humid days, this baby is still light and easy on the skin. I have tried going out and about, wearing it from day to night and its basically staying there and not being all cakey and smudgy, especially with an oily face like mine. As you can see, it has SPF 27 PA++ so it is definitely best for everyday use. It may not be perfect for flash photography, especially at night, but at daytime, it almost looks natural.
As for the packaging, I am absolutely obsessed with it! It has this elegant curly cues and butterfly detailing on it, and when you flip it open, the sponge/puff is there as well as the mirror. And let me just tell you, this sponge is amazing! It certainly smoothens out the perfect coverage without looking overly done and thick. My skin oxidizes so fast so with ordinary face powders, within a few minutes they’re gone. But this little baby here, it is different. Even a whole eight hours in the office (air-conditioning in full blast) it stays put. Only a little touch up before heading back home is needed. I guess it will stay longer for normal to dry skin. And since I have oily-combination skin, it might oil up a bit especially on the cheeks area but blotting it out perfects it again. If you flip the plastic case for the puff over, you will see the same detailing engraved on the powder itself. Isn’t that sweet??!
If you flip the container over you will find a mirror-like casing which gives it a very high-end and sophisticated look.

What I Love About This Product:

– Everything! I mean, I have been looking for ages for a powder that will not cake up on the face. And this is a gift from heaven! Literally, since it was a birthday present from my mom.
– For oily skin, it’s perfect because it helps control oil and mattifies the skin all day.
– Its casing is so sophisticated and I feel like I’m holding a very expensive brand of compact powder in my hands.
– I think they have very accessible stores and shops, simply visit their site tonymoly.ph to know more.

What I HATE about this product:

– Literally? Nothing.
– About the price, as I said earlier, it was a present and I still haven’t had the chance to look at the price yet.


Generally, the only downfall that I could think of about this baby would be the price. But apart from that, it’s a brilliant creation. If you are not that concerned about the price and then I definitely suggest you give this a try. For me, who always struggle to find the right piece for my skin, having this as my daily companion is like a breath of fresh air. I wouldn’t have to worry about it caking all over my greasy face or have that fear of my face looking all blotchy and stuff. I only have few glances at the mirror while wearing this. So thank you, mom, for gifting me this. Now time to save up so I could buy my second one. 🙂
PS. Weeks after I wrote this review, I visited the Tony Moly store at Market! Market! in Taguig and checked out the price for this. My eyes popped when I saw the price. It’s around 1,2k Php something. It might be a little too pricey for some, but I guarantee that you will have your money’s worth here. 

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