I have only been in New York twice in my travel life, and even until now I still can’t believe that I’ll be living somewhere near her soon.

With that said, I just want to lay down the things I truly miss about New York and why I totally fell under her spells.

1. Free Ferry Rides

5 Things I Miss about New York
5 Things I Miss about New York

In a place where everything seems so expensive, it still surprises me that there’s even such a thing as free ferry rides. Going from island to island feels a lot more exciting than before. And with that said, there’s no denying the fact that Ferries in New York never ran out of passengers.

2. Numerous selections of Museums.

5 Things I Miss about New York - 70410-museumoffinance.jpg
5 Things I Miss about New York

As far as I know, New York probably has the most number of museums in one city. Granted, I don’t always fancy museums, but being a tourist the times I’ve been in New York, I admire the way they treasure and preserve almost everything they have.

5 Things I Miss about New York - 70410-museumoffinance.jpg -b31fb-american2bindian.jpg
5 Things I Miss about New York

3. Peaceful Park in the City

5 Things I Miss about New York - 04b61-centralpark.jpg
5 Things I Miss about New York

Central Park is like a breath of fresh air in the midst of the busy buzzing city. I guess whether you’re a tourist or a local, it’s no doubt that Central Park is an ideal place to relax the mind while still remaining in walking distance from work and busy-ness. When I first stepped into the grounds of Central Park, it felt like an entirely different place. The air was different from the rest of the city, and the nature around me seemed to transport me somewhere else. It was that alluring.

4. Skyscrapers.

5 Things I Miss about New York - c579d-flatiron.jpg
5 Things I Miss about New York

Although this is not the only city in the world that has skyscrapers and towering buildings,  there’s something about New York’s air and flair that gives its buildings a subtle hint of sophistication and glam when looking up at those buildings.

5 Things I Miss about New York 6dcc5-tower.jpg
5 Things I Miss about New York

5. Iconic Structures.

5 Things I Miss about New York - c090d-liberty.jpg
5 Things I Miss about New York

Once again, New York is not the only place with iconic structures. But in its own way, New York has been made famous by some of these notable structures. Statue of Liberty for one has a title of its own.

I more thing I would like to add, is -who does not feel that sense of freedom, being capable and competent to do whatever you desire, every time you look at the New York Skyline? I know I do.

5 Things I Miss about New York- df01e-newyorkskyline.jpg
5 Things I Miss about New York

  I know I haven’t mentioned even half of the things one could miss about New York. I would include here the first time I stepped foot into the store called MOOD Designer Fabrics, where the contestants from the show Project Runway make their fabric purchases. I died and woke up in fabric heaven!! Local stores mentioned on popular tv shows are endless in New York!   I also would like to mention though one thing I noticed in New York. Even though the diversity in terms of ethnicity is huge, how Filipinos accept people of their own is really heart-warming. Their hospitality seems to grow deeper on different grounds.

Believe me, there is more to New York than meets the eye, but what are your exciting discoveries here? Can you recommend me more interesting spots in NY that I should visit soon?

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