Before the Old Year ends and the New Year opens up, I would like to take this chance to reflect what 2016 has brought me.

It was a year full of risks and changes for me, personally. I never thought that I could actually make changes in my life, considering the lifestyle and mentality that I used to have. Now, I see that simple changes could actually make a great impact in a life, no matter how small it may seem.

2016 was the year when I made the decision to focus on blogging more than anything else. This was the year that I felt I belong in the blogging community. There are people who are nice, and there those who use you for your kindness. There are those who teach you by saying, and there are those who teach you by your mistakes. But generally, I’ve been seeing a lot of opportunities and positive differences, that I could possibly bring with me in the new year.

It was also the year that I made a promise to myself to forget the past and move one. Seriously move on from all the past hurts and disappointments I had to deal with. It wasn’t as complicated and difficult as others may have, but they were still disappointments nonetheless.

It was the year that I made the decision to learn more and improve my skills. It’s not necessarily going to a university and pay them so I could study. It’s simply giving myself a chance to learn simple skills like sewing, crafting, and advance my blogging skills. There are so much to learn and do, that time is the only issue I have.

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It was a great year in general, from getting to know someone special to meeting people who could help me professionally, I’ve seen incredible and adorable people who continue to inspire me on a daily basis. From family travels to solo endeavours, this was the year I’ve learn it’s possible to do it on my own.

I know I could have more this 2017.

  • More challenges. 
  • More risks. 
  • More mistakes. 
  • More standing up for myself. 
  • More places to visit. 
  • More goals to fulfill. 
  • More things to learn. 
  • More money to earn. 
  • More gratefulness.
  • More contentment.
and most of all, 
  • More time for God above everything else.

 Hopefully, by God’s help and grace, I could be the better version He wants me to be. And with the help of people who care more about me, I could accomplish things I’ve never thought I could possibly attain.

2016, you’ve been good to me. 2017, I am so ready and excited for you!

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