To be Thankful for…

I’ve just finished reading Forever Princess by none other that Meg Cabot.

Its a pretty good book, considering that I have all the books in the series in my collection. And I’m so glad I’m done with that series. You know what they say that what you read affects your thinking – as well as writing? Well, if I don’t cease reading those Princess Diaries books, I’m afraid I’ll turn out to be a very poor imitation of Mia!

Not the normal-girl-who-turns-out-to-be-a-princess kind but the one-who-keeps-a-notebook-with-her-and-constantly-writes-on-it kind. That’s not bad at all though.

So, what I like about this book? Well, I certainly like the way Ms. Cabot makes the typical teenage American life sound so…easy. I mean, with all those immoralities I hear other people talk about it –you know – pregnant girls dropping out of high school, drug addicts and pushers all around the corner of the street, sex-starved maniacs lurking ominously at school and shopaholic girl friends who prefer to hang out at malls instead of staying at home and study their Trig.

Yeah, although these seems to be basically true, Ms. Cabot makes it sound like something really good and extraordinary could actually come out of it. Like, may be your best friend turning out to be a princess after all. So, yeah, that was it..

Enough for that.

As I’ve read through my previous entry, I started to wonder why in the whole wide world I’ve written it and posted here. It’s true that writing is my release but, seriously, a girl who wants to be a good example to others would eventually write something about her feeling totally lost and confounded?  Who would do something so incredulously ridiculous?

Oh yeah, I just noticed. That’s me. Stupid old me.

So to change that somber mood I had on my previous entry, I guess you would have expected me to write something about what I could be thankful for in my life instead, right?

Let me think.

Oh yeah, first of all, I’ve got this wonderful family of mine – composing of a dad, who fantastically flies 747 airplanes as his perfectly normal job, a mom who never cease to clean the house from bottom to top day in and day out, a sister who is almost done with her ECE course and who happens to dislike it as well (not including the math part, she loves that alright) and pours out her worn out hours over some random songs on the piano –considering that music is what she really wants –  and a even younger sister who has just started on college, never shuts her mouth off on memorizing every item on her notebooks and books, and who happens to freak out every time there is dead native chicken being served for dinner (she is that concerned for the hundreds of chickens being killed every day so someone could eat a good friend chicken in McDonalds).

So you see, I have a perfectly, wonderful, great family.

Even though sometimes, I hate to hear them talking so loud like they were from two different Mt.Everest-high mountain facing each other.

That’s part of the reason why I prefer to stay inside my room in the morning to keep my sanity in tact. And read books to pass time.

What else…?

Well, I guess I better shut up for now, or else…do I really sound like a Mia now? I am so NOT!

You can also purchase Forever Princess here:

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