Currently Reading: October 2015 Edition

I am so sad that I am only doing this today. It seems to be that I’ve been blogging for ages and I have not even posted anything with regards to what I’m currently reading.

I’m just so excited to share what I’ve been skimming over for the past few days (even though this routine has been put to haitus when we were in the vacation).

So without further ado, here’s my current regular reads.


Book of Isaiah
Been on this chapter for a while. And although it’s a prophetic book, there are some practical principles that I have been encourage about recently. Really, God is real in every dispensation of time.

Abiding In Christ
This book is a genuine help in understanding what its truly like to live for Christ and live like Christ. Well, I know it is easier said than done. But this book offers some practical guide in growing and maturing as a Christian. Although, there are some terms I would like to change, but the bottom line is  – it all starts with believing in Christ. Got this one for free when we visited Lancaster Baptist Church at Lancaster, CA.

Image result for mood guide to fabric and fashionBusiness the Bible Way: Christlike Communication Within Corporate Culture
Bought this one at Bob Jones University. Since it’s a very rare occurrence for me to find books about business that directs everything to the Bible, I immediately bought it. And I don’t ever regret it now. Suffice to say, its better to learn from professing Christian people than on any random person who gets their words from random things. 

The Mood Guide to Fabric and Fashion

Image result for mood guide to fabric and fashion

And here’s what I read on my spare time. As a passion and hobby, I have been wanting to learn more about dress making and sewing. This is a good guide for learning about fabrics, which must be learned and understood even before touching a sewing machine! Got this one at Mood store in New York’s Garment District. Obviously, I got overly excited on purchasing this.

There you go! These are my current reading list. Although at times I falter and read other books in random, these are my routine reads for the past week. And I promise to finish them all..soon!

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