Rainy Days Every Day Make-Up Items

And in times like this, I get really teary-eyed. Nose running. Head aching. Sneezing annoyingly. And my skin – dry and blotchy.
So with that all that said, foundation everyday – a total no-no! Eye makeup – not preferable! Lip color – barely natural.
That leaves me with no other option but to keep it natural. And since I don’t own a flawless face, my definition of ‘natural’ is the no-makeup look that still has a few products on. So here are the items that I have been using lately that helps me achieve that look that I want.
Let’s start of with the primer.
Lately, I’ve been using this Bare Naturals Skin Perfecting Primer that I got from one of my Glamourbox subscriptions. I’m happy to say, that up to this day, my skin never broke out because of this. Aside from that, it helps hold the make-up together for a longer period of time.
For my powder foundation..
Yup! That’s right, I’ve been using the Human Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation in Honey. And true to its word, its coverage is good enough for me who has extremely oily and blemished skin.
On top of that, I use this.
This is the refill version of The Body Shop Moisture White Skin Perfecting foundation with SPF 25 PA++ in shade number 4. That’s for additional coverage as well as for some SPF.
Most of the time when I feel like I have to wear the make up for more that eight hours, I use this before or after the powder foundations.
This is the Krave Cosmeceuticals Oil Eliminator HD. Really perfect for this ever tropical country I live in. The only draw back here is that, when I apply it on, it spreads out a lot of powdery particles which aggravates my allergy. So I tend to limit my use of it to a minimum.
Now for the brows, I am definitely loving this product!
I’ve been using this Drawing Eye Brow pencil from The Face Shop so much lately, since it gives of a very natural looking effect on my brows. Easy breezy tool for everyday use. Highly recommended!
If ever I feel more like glamming up my eyebrows more, I take a minute and swipe off some of this.
It’s the Elf Treat and Tame Duo. It comes in a couple more shades so you could choose which color suits you best. I use the Tame part most of the time. I honestly don’t know what the Treat part is for but I use it sometimes to hold the eyebrow powder or pencil that I’ll be using later on. (Make sure to let it dry a little bit before laying on another product over it.)
For the eyes, I usually go for brown shades during this season, and basically, whenever I’m just being lazy picking up colors for the eyes. I use any browns from other eyeshadow palettes that I have but this one is my go-to product as for the moment.
Its from Avon and it’s the Simply Pretty Eye Shadow Duos in Honey.
And of course, even if I’m not putting on any eye shadow on my lids, I never leave off the eye shadow primer.
My lids get oily most of the time. So putting on some primer really helps control it. Right now, I’ve been using the ELF Eyelid Primer which basically works the same as my Urban Decay one.
If ever I have extra minutes during the day, I take it to apply some black eyeliner over on my upper eyelids.
I use this two products. And here’s my trick: I apply this Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner using the felt tip of this L.A Girl Fineline Long Lasting Fine-tip Liquid Eyeliner. That’s a secret ok? That’s for my bullet-proof winged-eyeliner effect.
For my blush, my go-to right now is this:
I’ve been trying out this Avon Ideal Luminous Blush in shade E102 Peach, another product that I got from my Glamourbox subscription boxes.
And finally, for my lippies, I am currently obsessed with the shades of pink.
I’ve been using this Nichido High Definition Lipstick in shade Dolly Pink.
And I top it off with this lip gloss that I currently love.
It’s the Human Nature Mineral Lip Gloss in Hibiscus.
There you go! These are my go to make-up items in my everyday makeup kit during this rainy and wet season.
P.S. One thing I forgot to take a shot here is my CoverGirl Concealer that I use to cover up my blemishes and dark spots.

So what about you? What are your go-to make up items right now?

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