Thank God for Sundays!


This is officially day THREE!

I can’t freakin’ believe it!! For once in my life I have been blogging THREE days in a row!!

But enough for that. Right now, I want to get right into what I want to be thankful for right at this moment.

Thank God for Sundays!

Yup, you read it right! Not FRIDAYS!

For me, Sunday not only means going to church and hearing the Word of God preached but also spending some quality time with the family.

I mean, let’s admit it. It’s not everyday that I get a chance to dine with them during the evening at a pricey restaurant, with my parents paying every meal that I grab. I’m realizing now that the time spent with them will not really last forever; thus, each moment has be treasured with outmost sincerity.

Every time we have that moment to just sit there and talk about the latest happenings in our lives or dreaming together of a possible trip to Europe, I tend to look around the surroundings and just observe.

Each Sunday, I would see families gathering around a certain table, couples being sweet to each other, or some barkadas having the time of their lives. I know that within themselves is that desire to have a nice family who would go with them through thick and thin.

Sunday, for me, is also a time for mind-relaxation.

For someone like me who works at home, I have that moment in time when I dread waking up each morning knowing that work is waiting just outside my bedroom door. And it would be a cycle everyday. Worse comes to worst, especially if I do not set any schedules for my day to day activities.

Either that – or I’ll bore myself to death staying at home…

So having a day where I could just sit at church and listen to preachings, or watch some brethren roam around and greet one another, is one way of getting my mind off stuff that are work-related, or simply mind-boggling and tedious.

For some, FRIDAYs would be the best since it means the end of work-filled office days and the start for some kind party-ings and barkada day outs.

Except, of course, if you’re a call center agent. Believe me, I’ve been through that life and the schedule changes are crazzzzy!

I just can’t imagine a life without Sundays.

And that means, imagining a life with all work and no play… Boring!

So there it goes. Sunday should always feel like this. I’ve never expressed how much I anticipate Sundays before, but I am saying it now. Spending a whole day thinking nothing more but God, His outmost grace and mercy to us His creations, and afterwards, messing around with family members, talking about everything under the moon.

And to be honest, somehow, this Gratitude entries in my blog is getting therapeutic for me.. so far.

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