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This is Day 5 of my daily Gratitude posts.

Right now, I’m still a little overwhelmed with myself that I am actually doing something consistently. I thought, when I first started this, that I’m gonna run out of words and things to talk about here eventually. But it seems like everyday is getting more challenging as I have never expected before and finding little things to thank God for is not that hard at all anymore.

So right now, I want to thank God for COMPUTERS!!!

Ha! You didn’t see that coming huh?

That’s right! Tonight I want to thank God for giving some people knowledge to create something called technology which eventually led into the formation and evolution of COMPUTERS!

Whoever initiated these kind of things, must have those incredible creative set of minds that somehow foresaw that I would need something to type these words out sans the tired and weary hands. These things are so handy and neat, if you know how to use them. Otherwise, it will just be a pain in the ass.

I don’t think I have to go into the details of who created this piece and who invented that circuitry. It would probably take me more than a decade to complete that if I do. Everyone nowadays, somehow have an idea of what a computer is and what it looks like.

Unless you’re dumber than a dummy… well, that’s not my problem anymore.

Nowadays, I think almost all household here in this green Earth have at least one computer in their homes. It could be that one bulky tower PC that collects too much dust, but somehow still works. Or it could be that handy dandy little notebook PC that you could literally take anywhere. They all have the same function – supposedly – to simplify life.

I don’t know about you, but here in my house, there are a lot of times that my dad would get his blood literally reach the highest peak because he could not get his flight simulator game running on his old cranky laptop. He uses that as a training tool for his job so if he doesn’t get it running the way he wants it..well, he would go all the way thinking he would eventually loose his job and we will get so poor that we wouldn’t be able to afford getting decent meals.

Well, dad, so much for having simpler life. Don’t worry. It’s just a stupid little laptop, which you could actually change anytime you want.. Smile

I find it funny at times because, after all, computer doesn’t have an existence that long. They don’t have this convenience when they where young. So I totally understand if they get frustrated with it sometimes.

For us who happened to grow up with these toys, it seems like we couldn’t live without looking at it at least once a day. It has become a part of our existence, a source of our income and sometimes the reason for our failures.

No matter what the cases maybe, it’s still amazing, for me, that God is allowing this kind of gadgets to grow and improve as time goes by. We all could use it in many ways possible, but I think, we all should stop for a while, and think that we should be using it all for good and glory of our Creator.
After all, He gave us the knowledge to create something cool. The least we could do is give thanks to Him for it.

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