Catching up…

It wasn’t ages ago since I last posted. In fact, it was just a week ago, I think.
Anyway, there were bad news and good news that happened lately.
The good news is, I’ve got a new router. Which means, I’ll have a faster wireless connection now. The old one  just..sucks. I mean, its been here a very long time ago, and I’ve already felt its aging, since I can hardly browse any websites using its connection. And now that I’ve got a new one, my life definitely changed.
The bad news on the other hand, is that although I have a very fast connection now, my time so far has been consumed with my playing games on FB. Yeah, right. It was like my whole world  was turned upside down and I became a child again. Because all I ever did this past couple of days was play games – they were just simply intoxicating. Hahaha!! I can’t even find a right word for it.
So yeah. instead of making productive time out of my boring days, I’m here playing games, and killing time.

I'm an IT Professional, and I aspire to help people find their voice online. Mine, happens to be blogging and I share lifestyle tips, creative quirks, and some travel inspos, sprinkled with blogging tips and tricks in hopes inspire everyone to just open up and share. If not blogging, or in front of the computer, I love reading, sewing and sometimes baking when I feel like it!


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