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Top 3 Ultimate Planners for Bloggers (Updated 2023)

As a blogger, I tend to spend more time browsing a ton of other websites aside from the research work that I needed to be doing for my blog. And with that, I squander a lot of time surfing the web instead of doing my intended article. Until I discovered a fabulous tool that definitely keeps me on track with my post and writing activities.

This tool is a planner designed especially for bloggers. There might be a ton of other planners like this all over the web but these selections are free and printable for us to try. Being a planner addict myself and with planners being a bit pricey at times – you can really never go wrong with freebies such as these picks.

Printable Blog Planner from DesignerBlogs.com

This 2021 Blogger Planner from DesignerBlogs.com can still be utilized in 2023 with comprehensive guided pages to plan your blog posts. It comes in a very classy and elegant design that is simple enough so that you can focus on the topic you’re working on. It has:

  • Weekly Post Planner
  • Weekly To-Do Lists
  • Post Brain Storming Guide
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Contacts Page
  • A black Page for your thoughts/notes

If you want to go further, for just $17.99USD they have an updated 2023 version complete with social media planning guides. You can download it here:

2023 Blog Planner - DesignerBlogs.com

Business & Blog Planner by Andrea Bolder

This epic planner is so simplistic in design by so in-depth in terms of the section she provided. It’s a 48-page planner that every business savvy women and bloggers would ever want. I personally love it because it feels like having a business mentor beside me when I use it! There’s a reason why she called it the “Epic Biz-Blog Planner”! The Free version includes:

  • My Biz + Blog Vision Page: The Why & The What
  • My Biz + Blog Vision Page: The Where & The How
  • My Business Plan Page: What Sets My Biz + Blog Apart & Who Do I Serve
  • My Business Plan Page: What is Your Brand Personality & What is You Biz Structure
  • My Competition Plan Page
  • My Visibility Plan Page
  • My Product Plan Page
  • My Sales Plan Page
  • My Growth Plan
  • My Biz + Blog Cheatsheet Page
  • My One Page Board Brand Page
  • My Yearly Goals Page
  • My Yearly Stats and Metric Page
  • My Montly Goals & Stats Page
  • …and so much more for free!

Blog Planner by Straycurls.com

She’s creative, she’s colorful and she’s straight to the point! This 12-pages blog is free and printable and has everything you need to start planning your blog on point. It’s a really good taste-test for the author’s full 45-page planner that she also sell for only $4.99. The Free version includes:

  • Blog Cover Page
  • Blog Post Ideas Page
  • Blog Post Planner Page
  • Blog Post Promotion Checklists
  • Blog Stats Page
  • Blog’s Business Plan Page
  • Blog’s Vision Board Page
  • Monthly Goals Page
  • To-Do lists Page
  • Yearly Finances Page
  • Yearly Goals Page
  • Yearly Plan Page

TIP: Since all of these planners are downloadable, you can choose your own pages to print out and compile to fit your personal planner necessities. It will turn out really unique!

I hope you find this selection helpful. In case you know of other helpful planners for us bloggers, kindly comment it down below so we all could give it a try! Happy planning as well as blogging!

Top 3 Ultimate Planners for Bloggers (Updated 2023)

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