What Life is Ought To Be

I’ve been receiving tweets and FB comments asking how I would remember my year 2010 this coming new year. Well, I’ll take that as a topic for my entry today.

Yes, Year 2010 has been absolutely great. Why? Because This was the year I’ve learned to be grateful about every thing in my life, even the least of all happenings.

For those haters, I’m sorry to say this. But this was the year I’ve explored my inner most characteristics, tested and tried it.

I’ve been to places alone I’ve never thought I could possibly been into. It brought realizations and challenges to my being.  I was astonished with the fact that I could actually go to these places, experience things I’ve never thought existed, and temporarily feel the harsh realities of life, pushing me to the limits of myself so I could actually test who I really am.

I’ve done things worthy of questionings but those are the things that made me stand firm to what I believe in – in faith, family, and friends.

This was the year in which I found conflicts that tested my relationship with others.

This was the year I found what I really wanted in life. I never thought it would be really this but my experiences this year brought me to the conclusion that what I really wanted is – to share and give. To be able to give to others what they couldn’t have, seeing them happy once they’ve got it, is the most rewarding thing that could ever happen to someone. Their smile, their joy, seeing their dreams unfold right before their eyes and knowing that you have been a part of unfolding those dreams – that is worth more than any material presents you could ever receive. And that was how it had been to me.

But most importantly, through all those ups and downs, I was able to discover those people who fulfilled and created a great impact in my life. They might never realize it, they might never even know it – I might not know them that long – but I would like to thank you all now for being a part of a tremendous year to me. The challenges of meeting you has changed my perception about people. Once I thought that trust is impossible in this cruel world, but knowing you made all the differences. You are all wonderful and this year would not have been complete without you in it.

Lastly, I know this coming new year would have another set of disappointments and discouragements with it but I would like you to know that handling these matters would be a lot easier now, since Year 2010 has waken me up to what life is ought to be.

Happy New Year 2011 to all!!

I am Jena, an experienced content creator, who is passionate about travel, health and wellness, and fashion. I'm an avid traveler and digital nomad, who loves to craft and sew and who has some IT background. I aspire to help others with 'no niche' online find their voice and just express themselves. 


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