Events: Spiritual Leadership Convention Asia 2016

#slcaia2016. I used that a lot this past week. This was the Spiritual Leadership Convention Asia 2016 held at SMX Convention Center in SM Aura, BGC.

Even though we were not directly invited, nor informed about this event, my sister and I were able to attend their evening service through a personal invite from a friend. She mentioned that Ptr. Paul Chappel of Lancaster Baptist Church of Lancaster, CA would be there to preach. We were surprised to say the least since we had no clue at all that they would be having an event here in the Philippines.

It just so happened that my sister had to deliver her baby at Villamor Air Base Hospital and we had to visit her to do some errands. This friend, who happened to be my brother-in-law’s sister, was around and we were just chatting away to pass the time. My sister mentioned that we plan to go to SM Aura later that evening before going back home. And then she said that Ptr. Chappel would be there for an event.

Without any hesitation we joined her and some other friends to attend the evening service.

The service went on really well. With hundreds of other Baptist folks around, I never thought it would be possible to gather them together in one event, regardless of their other stand in the Bible.

I just love Ptr. Chappel’s heart for mission and for reaching the Gospel to many people. Once again, I was touched and moved. It made me think once again about what efforts I’m doing right now to help win lost souls to Christ. I was motivated with their examples. Being foreigners and leaving their comfort zones just to go to a third-world country to help teach the Gospel to people.

As I was observing the event, I realized these Baptist folks seemed to be so hungry for more Biblical truths. I just prayed that they are not looking at the person but on God Himself. 

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