Midweek Gratitude

I love these moments of peace.

This moment in the morning where I break the pace of my thoughts and just let it be still while I meditate on God’s Words and, after that, read a couple more other books.

Right now, I have been reading Stewarding Life by Paul Chappel. Its partly a life story and partly a self-help book on how to be a Biblical steward of the life God has given us and how to live it according to His purpose and will.

It’s fascinating to know that someone somewhere is willing to share their experiences in life and wants to be used by God to be an example to someone other there who are starting out in their sojourn in life as well.

It really encourages me to indulge on them and learn from their mistakes so that I could live my life as correctly as possible. And besides, studying their writings is another challenge for me.

True enough, the English language is easy enough for everyone. But writing it out is another thing. Another skill that only those who wants to learn could really grasp.

Going back to the chapter that I have just read on that book, it reminded me to allow sometime in my busy schedule to just rest and have a margin for my busy life. With all the thoughts that are going through my brain, no wonder that no amount of massage could really keep me be relaxed. I really have to train my brain to be still and to think of one thing at a time. It may sound boring to some people specially those you are used to multi-task but its really useful if you want to be productive and not get stressed out.

I’m still learning and somehow this moment of peace in the day allows me to streamline my activites for the rest of the day so that I could be more productive and not just busy.

Indeed, its so good to find books like this that have an eternal impact in the mind and soul, not just on material things that could easily fade away.

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