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Just got back from another inspiring event last Sunday. Those kinds of events are really for those serious in their life. And those who wants to get rich and successful in a good way.

But one thing I learned about in these trainings, was that you’ve got find your WHY. In all of our walks in life, there must be a real reason or purpose for us to pursue it. And finding your ’emotional WHY’ will help us make it through all the ups and downs in every aspects of life. The inspiration it brings surpasses all tangible reasons in this world and with it each of us can conquer our greatest fears in life.

Thanks for digging that into my being.

Here are some photos from the said event.

Some of the key people of the event:

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Β Just after the event, as people are, taking memorabilia is always part of the game.

This is me, posing at the staircase inside Marriott Hotel in Manila.

Next awaited event! πŸ™‚

Please refer to this album to see some more photos:

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